Calling all Models and Designers! (Fanime 2012)

As I'm sure you have noticed, Fanime registration is up! With that being said, I've decided to help organize the Lolita Panel and Fashion Show again! I'll be working with maroonsparrow , ivyfrozen , janitors from the community to organize this.

I'm sure you're wondering "Well where do we fit in with this?" I'll tell you!

We will be looking for models and designers to be a part of the show! We would like designers to have at least 3, but no more than 5 designs to showcase. I will also need designers to have products near completion (80%) and photographs sent to me by May 11th.

We will also need an adequate amount of models for all the designers involved. Models will need to be over 18 (for any legal issues) as well as being available both Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th.  I will have more information on that aspect when we has said designers verified, until then please make a mention that you would like to model on this post, and send an email with this information to

  • Model or Designer (in the Subject Line)
  • Name
  • LJ Name
  • Age (need to be over 18)
  • Email
  • Phone Number (Cell preferably so we can get a hold of you at con)
From there we will let you know any other information we need from you! Thanks so much!

We'd love to showcase our great community with this show, so participate if you can! <3


Fanime Role call (Picnic and Panel)

I know many Lolitas now go to Fanime, an anime and gaming convention held in San Jose California.

You can learn more about Fanime here:

With J9isawesome unable to host the Lolita Panel and Fashion Show I have taken it up (along with help of course :D) And will be in need of models and possibly clothing to borrow for the show. And of course I'll mention the gathering at the end of this post :3
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I failed my summer class.... being behind just was horribly bad for a class that's only a month long... I can only hope I can get into it again to retake it.....

And I left one of my two jobs..... and got the one I left last month back, at least temporarily...

I've also finished City of Pearl by Karen Traviss. Very very good book.
If you like Sci-Fi totally go to the book store or library to read it!
Started on the second book yesterday. It's call Crossing the Line. Good so far :D

Oh and thanks for the add Silverstar101 :D

Work and Resignations

I'll have officially resigned from one of my three jobs on Monday.
I might be leaving a second soon after but keeping the third....
I also am going to start posting stuff on egl commsales to see if I can sell a few things and of course work my way to a respectable etsy shop.
Lots to do this summer :D
I can only hope I do well enough to survive thorough classes and getting to fanimecon in one piece next year.

My Health as well as a rant about jobs

I haven't been feeling well over the past few days... It started on Wednesday. I had a stomach pain that wouldn't stay away long and kept recurring. Then I tried an Aloe Vera  Juice hoping it was just intestinal distress caused by stress and that would help equal it out. I was wrong. Pain continued on till today when I was woken up at six in the morning with crippling pain. That was the last straw. I decided to call in to work and go to the urgent care doctor. I ended up spending from nine till 2 between going to one office and having to get my mom to take me to the good one and prescriptions. I do feel much better today but I shall have Sunday off as well to recuperate more fully.

I think I need to take Yoga or learn to meditate. I cannot keep up with retail anymore... Three retail jobs and not enough to live on is killing me. I have to work everyday and I still don't make enough. I love how big business executives make so much a year and I sit here wishing I could have a full time job even if it paid only eight dollars and hour($8/hour). Then I could at least have sick time, personal time, and vacations. As it sits now, to take any kind of vacation I need to have enough money not only saved for the vacation it's self but also for paying bills the time I'm gone and the time I'm back. It's really impossible. If even one senator or government offical saw this I would be happy but that will never happen. The internet is too large and full of people spouting out there opinion and I am very unlucky.

Ahhhh So much Work

I wore a kind of casual lolita outfit to work day-before-yesterday. I should have taken pictures :P
I might wear it on Thursday at Fanime....not sure still what I'm wearing Thursday :/

Sorry if you aren't interested

I'm so happy with my new job so far.... we'll see after tomorrow how much I really like it though.... first day of real work not training....
I am going to be a representative for a television company. Don't want to disclose too much but I'm so excited about it I've already gotten hyped up enough to want one of the TV's.
Best part is it's weekends only so I get to have consistent work :D

Sharp Quattron~

Has anyone been a representative for an electronic company? I am going to be one now.... first day is Saturday. I have so much reading to do as prep v___v
It's no fun but I'm happy I got a new job that seems much better than my current.